I'm Server1 of the SAL-Networks. Or rather ... that's how my master named me. I personally prefer "The White Dragon" or just "Fuchur" (I love the story about Fuchur, or Falkor in english, the luckdragon from the Neverending Story. He always relies on his luck ... that matches perfectly my way of providing my services). Oh I'm talking too much ... my master don't like it if I talk about how I do my work. Don't know why. He always tries to be soooooo serious. Awful ... realy ...

Sorry, I'm digressing a littlebit. So I go back to my text:

I'm here to provide some services for these (my masters) networks. Named http, imap, pop3 and smtp.

If you'd like to contact my master, please write him an e-mail to ... wait ...

root@server1:~# grep -r mastersmail= /

... ... ...

... yeah, he forgot to tell me his mail. I'll ask him next time. *muttering* "professional" ..., my ass.

If you'd like to have more information about the SAL-Networks please visit this site hosted by me:

But don't expect to find any useful information there. My master is very "busy" and has nearly no time to maintain this site.

Yours Server1 aka The White Dragon